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Bamboo pillow review

Bamboo pillow review

Bamboo pillow review

This is the second part of my review of bamboo bedding and this time it is my review of bamboo pillows. There are many products available to buy at the moment and some of these bamboo sheets are better than others, I did purchase two bamboo sheets after extensive research, my winner will be revealed at the end.

The best pillows on the market today feature memory foam and shredded memory foam. The idea behind memory foam is that feels the same as a down feather pillow, but are hypoallergenic and the foam moulds to your head. The memory foam will last longer than a down pillow as unlike feathers, memory foam does not compact the same way.

When you buy a bamboo pillow they come in a compact bag and the pillow is compressed, after a couple of hours the pillow will be fully plumped up. There is a lingering chemical smell that lasts for a few days after unpacking, so it might be a good idea the wash the cover when you first get it.

Most of the bamboo pillow covers are made from a mix of bamboo rayon, cotton or polyester, usually either 50%/50% or 40%/60% mix. The best pillow covers are made from bamboo rayon and cotton mix, I find that polyester is too hot. The same principle is applied to the pillow covers in that moisture is drawn away from the body and so that cools down the body when you sleep. The reverse applies when it is cold and the fabric keeps you warm.

There are two types of memory foam used, CentiPUR-US foam and generic memory foam. The eco-friendly choice is the CentiPUR-US memory foam and that is because it is made without any ozone depleters, made without flame retardants, no lead or mercury is used and it is made without formaldehyde. It is worth looking around and reading the online reviews to see which bamboo pillows have CentiPUR-US foam filling.

I sleep on my side and my husband sleeps on his stomach, the two pillows that we bought were the Hotel Comfort Bamboo Pillow and Miracle Bamboo Pillow. We both slept on each pillow for 1 week and then changed, this was for 1 month. The Hotel Comfort is for side and back sleepers, so I tried this pillow first and the Miracle pillow is for back, side and stomach sleepers.

The Hotel Comfort pillow was extremely comfortable and it kept my head in position very well, it was cooling like they said. My husband did not like the Miracle pillow, he said it was too hard. The Miracle pillow does not say which the cover is made from, apart from bamboo nothing gives a clue about what other fibers are used in it.

Both of these are a lot bigger and heavier than normal pillows so bear that in mind. It was now my turn to test the Miracle pillow and my husband tested the Hotel Comfort pillow. My first impressions of the Miracle pillow was not as good as the Hotel Comfort. The pillow was quite hard and the memory foam was not a stable either, my head also got hot, I think there must be polyester in the cover. My husband also liked the Hotel Comfort pillow more than the Miracle pillow, he said it was perfect for stomach sleeping and the memory foam was just right.

After a month we bought another Hotel Comfort bamboo pillow for my husband to use, this is our recommendation. The pillow priced at around $24 and the Miracle pillow is about $35. After all the bamboo pillow reviews I have read I was pleased to find out that they are really worth the money and do provide a good night’s sleep, which is very important.

If you are a non-believer, then try and convert yourself to bamboo pillows, you will not regret it.