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Geranium oil benefits

Geranium oil benefits

Geranium oil benefits

You would think that Geranium oil comes from the brightly coloured flower, but you will be thinking incorrectly. Geranium oil comes the Lemon plant or Pelargonium, the oil is extracted the root of the plant.

Some of the benefits of Geranium oil include alieving pre-menstrual tension, help with infertility. By rubbing a few drops of the oil on the stomach it helps with cramps and bloating, it is best mix with a carrier oil for the best effect. When used with a diffuser the oil produces a wonderful calming aroma that elevates your mood and decreases stress. Geranium oil has natural antiseptic properties which is perfect for healing remedies. It can be used for respiratory symptoms, throat infections and tooth ache.

Geranium oil benefits for skin

Geranium oil has many great properties for skin care, you can add the oil to your favorite moisturizer for added benefit. The oil can reduce wrinkles and fine lines, it acts as a natural anti-aging agent, by adding a few drops to your night cream it will produce results in a few weeks. It is also superb for controlling oily skin and treating acne, the oil reduces breakouts to leave clearer skin. You can also use Geranium oil as muscle toner as the oil naturally contracts muscles.

Geranium oil for hair

Your hairs natural PH levels can be restored using this oil, by adding a few drops to your conditioner it will liven up your hair, leaving it glossy instead of dull. A dry flaky scalp and sufferers of dandruff will benefit from using Geranium oil, many shampoos are harsh to hair follicles and if you add a few drops to your shampoo it will redress the balance.

Geranium oil for diffusers

You can add one or two drops of Geranium oil to your favourite diffuser for essential oils to provide a pleasant aroma. The benefits using a diffuser is that it will fill a room with the holistic aroma and create well being.

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