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A guide to bedroom lighting with chandeliers

A guide to bedroom lighting with chandeliers

A guide to bedroom lighting with chandeliers

It is important to know how to use light fixtures to set the right mood for the bedroom. Setting the right mood in the bedroom as it is used for different things other than sleeping. It is also used for applying make-up, getting dressed, and those who have an office in the bedroom making it their workspace. Bedroom lighting can make the difference between a lively and boring bedroom.

Since the bedroom has different functions, the use of light varies with each use. For instance, the light needed to take clothes from the closet is not the same as that used to relax. You need a different light when applying makeup and for working. Keep reading to find out the lighting scheme needed to handle all these tasks.

You can get a general light for the bedroom. The light fixture can be a modern crystal chandelier or a central pendant. Utilize the windows and find ways to let in natural light during the day. Ensure the light is dimmable and you can use a bulb with low wattage. You have many choices available to you when it comes to general lights. You can get light fixtures that have a rustic or industrial style. Getting classic chandeliers or hanging pendant lights is not a bad idea.

If you have an office section in the bedroom or like reading in bed, you can consider getting a bedside lamp. Your choice of the lamp will depend on the kind of décor you have in your bedroom. For a rustic theme, you can get a rustic chandelier with the old-style filament bulbs. You can get unique lamps that go for a higher price than the standard ones. For a classic theme, go for the Waterford lamp that is elegant and timeless.

For activities like changing clothes, ironing or applying make-up, directional wall spotlights or floor lamps are best. They are functional and will complement the existing lighting fixtures. You can put wall sconce lights near a chest of drawers or put the directional spotlights on top of the dresser when applying make-up. However, a floor lamp is better since it is portable and can be moved when the need arises.

You cannot have a romantic atmosphere without accent lighting. It is achieved by dimming the existing light fixtures, or you can simply add things like fairy strings, candles, and corner-up lighters. Accent lighting is useful for romantic atmospheres and if you just want to have a relaxing time in the bedroom. After all, no one ever gets hurt from being in a cosy atmosphere.