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How to clean Waterford Chandeliers and Lamps

How to clean Waterford Chandeliers and Lamps

How to clean Waterford Chandeliers and Lamps

There is no need to take out all the parts of the glass chandelier for simple maintenance of the chandelier. This will be explained below.

All that is needed to keep the Waterford chandeliers clear is simply to use a feather duster. It does not need much.

How often should crystals be cleaned?

Some believe that it is difficult to clean a glass chandelier. It really is not. There is a special coating on the crystals added for the last ten years to keep dust away. There is no need to worry about it being difficult to clean.

To know when to thoroughly clean the glass chandelier is to see if it is sparkling or not. If it is not. Then, it needs to be cleaned. This involves more than just dusting.

Drip dry

Thoroughly cleaning the chandelier means grabbing a glass cleaner or chandelier. You can also buy our chandelier glass cleaner. This will make the cleaning process faster and easier.

In order to avoid electrocution, it is important to switch off the lights. Turning off the circuit may be a better option in preventing harm.

Waterford Lamps should be taken from the chandelier and tissues should be put in the sockets so as not to ruin the chandelier.

To keep the table and/or floor dry, put a newspaper or towel down. A large cardboard box may also keep everything dry.

Make sure the chandelier is completely sprayed down.

Avoid inhalation of the spray. Do this by wearing a mask as well using a well-ventilated room.

 When the spray falls off of the light fixture, it will take the durst and dust with it.

When everything is dry, take the tissue out that protected the chandelier from damage. Reattach the lamps to the glass chandelier and reinstall it.

Wipe off the bulbs. Thorough cleaning should only be done once a year. Dusting helps the glass chandelier stay shiny. Twice a month is enough.