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Some rustic décor ideas

Some rustic décor ideas

Some rustic décor ideas

Rustic décor is very popular at present and I have collated some ideas to make your home feel more rustic. Whether you are into the farmhouse look, the countryside look, or the rustic look, you need creative ideas to draw inspiration from. Here some of my rustic ideas for you…

A rustic headboard

If you want to give your bedroom the rustic look, a headboard that looks like an old barn door will give it a true rustic feel. You can use pallet boards or even barn wood if you fancy doing some DIY or maybe buy online new.

Pallet shelves

One of the easiest and cheapest ways of creating rustic shelves is using old pallets; you can either buy them or find them around warehouses. Cut them down to size and stain them in your color of choice or to match your existing color scheme. Pallets can be used not just for shelving, but also a pallet bench too.

Rustic picture frames

If you have an old wooden photo frame, then why not transform it into a rustic picture frame. This is an easy DIY job and will add character to a room, you can decorate the frames with satin ribbons for an extra touch.

Rustic tables

A rustic table looks great wherever you place them in a room, I would suggest buying new or maybe buying an antique piece. You can have a whole room full of rustic tables comprising of a set that includes a rustic coffee table, rustic dining room table and a rustic table to place your TV on. These tables can be bought from $100 online and up to $1000 depending in what budget is.

Rustic lighting

Another great feature is having rustic lighting in your room. Items such as rustic floor lamps can really make a big difference to a dining or living room, these lamps will also look fantastic in a bedroom too. Rustic chandeliers will be a centrepiece to a living or dining room, these lights can be made from metal and wood

Stone kitchen island

If you want your kitchen to have that rustic feel, a stone kitchen island will really give a beautiful rustic look. You can create a kitchen island from bricks or stones, although it take more cash to build, the overall look will be worthwhile.

A wooden rustic photo ladder

You can create a wonderful rustic photo ladder with an old picture frame and just a few branches. It will only take maybe an hour to create a beautiful frame to add some more rustic charm to your home. All you will need is two long branches and some shorter branches to create the steps, all you need to know is nail them together and add the photo frame to complete the ladder.